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TubeMate 2020 : It is being said that we can learn anything by watching it rather than reading in a better way. It is entirely correct when it comes to seeing the craze of users to watch videos on different online websites or Apps.

tubemate 2020

Regarding Data, No one wants to waste Data, and we can watch the downloaded videos again that’s why people prefer to download videos in offline storage so that we can watch them later.

Do you want to download Youtube videos in a more faster way than ever by just one click? I am going to tell you one excellent app which empowers you to download all these videos from various sources like Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc. So here it begins.

TubeMate is an app designed to download YouTube videos quickly from Android. The service has a technology that makes it possible to download a file from several sources, which generates a higher final speed. The APK is only available for Android, with no versions for iPhone, Windows Phone, and PC.

Pros of TubeMate 2020

  • It is an original android app which can download the videos from YouTube to the mobile device storage.
  • User can also access YouTube; for instance, browsing the official application of YouTube.
  • Due to the multiple connections, one can download the videos fast.
  • Users can also have the two options that are resume and pause so that the user can download the video from anywhere.
  • It even supports the 360p, 240p and can download 1080p when MP3 Media converter combines with it.
  • Apart from YouTube, the user can download high-quality video from other sites as well.
  • After downloading the videos, it is already stored in the Download folder.

Cons of 2020 TubeMate

  • User may find it difficult to download a specific type of videos.
  • Tubemate needs an mp3 media converter for downloading the HD videos.
  • This application quickly crashes in some of the mobile phones.
  • Users may find it quite challenging to download the videos on the 2G network.

The program allows you to pause and resume downloads, extract audio from videos and convert to .mp3, as well as the possibility of downloading content from addresses like Dailymotion and Facebook or sharing URLs on Twitter. Please note that there is no official TubeMate 2020 version on Google Play Store. However, you can download various versions of this fantastic app over the internet.

This App is getting more user concentration after its release in the market because of its cool features. Although there are various apps are also there across the internet claiming to get you downloaded videos but when it comes to reality.

All are not good as TubeMate 2020. I am sure after reading this article you will go with Download Tubemate for Android. So Let’s have a look at Features of Tubemate.

YouTube, a quite popular app that uploads videos, and one can stream them online. It precisely consists of videos of all genres that one has ever craved off, and even sometimes a person may want to download that video as well.

YouTube being perfect in all aspects, only lacks the element when it comes to the downloading of the video in the device. Though it already has an option of downloading a video offline to watch for later, it does not download a video to watch in the device storage.

TubeMate Android App Features

Here are some feature you should know.

Downloading Video

Downloading VideoTubeMate accesses YouTube as an overlay. While selecting a video, you are provided with the choice to download a video or watch a video. Since you are here to download the videos, you need to click on the green arrow at the bottom of the screen present.

The pop-up menu further has two options: Download or Watch. The screen quality of the video entirely depends on the resolution of the original video. YouTube also gives various streaming options that are also wholly the same, which given while downloading the particular video.

Downloading Audio

You need to follow the same steps to download the videos except for choosing Download as MP3. The audio quality will always differ depending on the quality of the particular video. It is not different to import a slightly lower quality than MP3. It will be predictable and listenable, but not worth keeping for a quite long time.

An Excellent Utility For Offline Content

Saving the videos is also an easy process with TubeMate. The various number of video quality options is fantastic and lets you have a lot of high-quality videos. Audio of the videos sounds more like the streaming previews but is determinable when you want to sample a particular audio clip.

Sometimes a person may want to share the video with the friends or put a status on WhatsApp or Instagram, but his wish remains unsatisfied due to this perk that YouTube holds. One always loves to watch videos along with families, friends and sometimes alone, but the sole motto of watching these movies is sharing the enjoyment and a time to forget about the worries.

This feature of YouTube prevents the downloading of the video in the device, and the person even can not share the information that he or she wishes to share via the internet.

This disadvantage was a need that people figured out to overcome, and they were able to do so via third-party apps. Certain apps allow the downloading of YouTube video that is streaming online in the device storage from where one can share the video to his friends, families, or even post a status online.

These third-party apps download the video and also helps to share it. Today in this article, we are going to share a view about such an app where a person is free to download almost any video online in the storage of the phone.

Using TubeMate on Android

  • For Android users using 2.3 or 3.0 users, download the file directly from the TubeMate mobile site, which is the easiest way to do so.
  • After one downloads the TubeMate YouTube video Downloader apk, you need to open Astro File Manager. In the Astro File Manager, open the ‘My Files’ option and further select ‘Folders.’
  • Open the specific folder where you saved the particular apk and then install it. Make sure you given permission of installation of apps from the unknown sources or the Android OS would not allow it.
  • Once you have installed, you are entirely ready to use TubeMate YouTube Downloader.

These kinds of apps are quite useful in downloading essential stuff sometimes. Whether it be the latest movie or a study lecture perhaps that the person prefers watching according to needs and requirements.

The TubeMate is an excellent app that rarely has any bugs or viruses that can harm your device that you are using it. This application also give s you a choice where one can select that how do you want the video to download whether in the high resolution or the low quality. It all depends on the needs a person holds.

The listed two terms are quite different from each other. Where TubeMate is one of the most fastest and famous YouTube video downloader available freely as an Android app, on the other hand, YouTube is the most popular video uploading playing website next to the Google and Facebook in fame.

The TubeMate uses a high-speed download technology and configuration to download videos from youtube. In contrast, the TubeMate is only proved to be useful in the case of private purposes and cannot use for commercial downloading of videos from youtube.

It also allows the user to download multiple videos from YouTube, quality, and resolution of the video ranging from 3gp to Full-HD. The users are even suggested to download the TubeMate app from the official website only, i.e.,

You also have an option to select the resolutions of the videos that you wish to download. One can perhaps resume the download in case the connection breaks. Moreover, there is an option present to convert the videos to MP3 file formats. There is even a Meridian player to play your audio or video files.

You are also allowed to share your videos through Google Buzz, Twitter, or e-mail. You can even create playlists and save your favorite YouTube videos to your official account. The  TubeMate also supports resolutions like 1920×1080 (i.e., Full – HD ) on Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2 and PC, 1280×720 ( HD ) supporting high-end devices, 640×360 that promotes and features standard and general devices.

320x240p supporting low-end devices and lastly 640×360, 854×480 ( FLV ) that is for Android 2.1 and above, but the options available above will purely depend on the quality of the video which initially uploaded on YouTube and even the compatibility of the device.

How To Download TubeMate 2020 For PC

TubeMate base on android perspective cannot be downloaded or installed on PC by a usual followed way. But amusingly, it is currently possible to download and install TubeMate on desktop or PC if we tend to take a different track to do so.

  • Firstly, install Android emulator on this device

So The Fundamental Question That Arises Is That What Is An Emulator?

Many people may have never have heard about an emulator. Here, let us go into the details. In the computers, an emulator is a hardware or software that holds the ability to pretend of being another device or a different program that the other components of the device may expect to interact.

That can also state as an Android emulator or an application that is precisely written to use along with the Android workstation that can communicate with and can control a personal computer or desktop as if it were an Android device. So, in case you wish to use Android-based TubeMate on PC or desktop, you require an Android emulator.

Which Is The Best Emulator?

Best EmulatorAlthough there are many emulators in the market, still you need to figure out the best one present. Android emulators are quite easy to find on the internet; some of them are free, while some charge a certain amount.

But amongst them, one that is best suited for PC include Amadeus, BlueStacks, Andy, Droid4x, Memu, Genymotion, Nox, Leapdroid and many more. You can refer to anyone as you like.

How To Download And Install Android Emulator In PC?

After figuring out the answers for the first two questions, now it’s time to figure out step one of downloading the TubeMate for PC, i.e., downloading and install an Android emulator in the PC. For this occasion only, let us take BlueStacks as an example to refer. BlueStracks is free with an option of premium subscription by paying $2 per month.

Secondly, download and install TubeMate by searching in the emulator.

  1. You need to launch the Android emulator, i.e., the BlueStacks by clicking on the icon present from there you will get the access to its home screen.
  2. Next click on the Search icon and type ‘TubeMate’ in the search box and later click on the ‘Search Play for TubeMate’ present at the bottom.
  3. Lastly, click on the appropriate ‘TubeMate’ icon to install the app.
  4. Then press the “Install” button and wait for a little while to let the installation finish of TubeMate for PC.
  5. Finally, go to the home screen of BlueStacks> All Apps and then you will find TubeMate app present there for using it on the PC or desktop.

Alternatively, one can also download TubeMate for PC on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP by downloading official TubeMate APK file and then right-clicking on it and further click on “start with bluestacks” option present.

This method is quite useful when you can not find TubeMate in BlueStacks emulator.

And this is the process via which you can download TubeMate YouTube Downloader on Windows desktop or laptop.

TubeMate 2020

Tubemate features make it very different from other apps or websites which are very complicated to use and takes more time to download a video. But here you can download videos with a single click.

  • Download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Google, Vimeo, Metacafe, Youku Naver, Daum LeTV.
  • Free to use
  • Various video formats are available to download videos 1920p(Full HD), 1080p(HD), 720p(HD), 480p, 360p, 240p, 3gp etc.
  • Can download videos diretly in mp3 format.
  • It allows you to download audio only from videos
  • You can play videos within the app
  • One click video download
  • Tubemate can download more than one video in parallel
  • Can create playlist and download them

Download Tubemate apk for Android

As I said in the beginning, TubeMate 2020 is not available in Google Play Store. So you need to download it from another website. You might have seen some web pages claiming to provide you genuine link to download it, but some of them are fake. Don’t worry I am going to do so.  Click on the below link to download it.

Conclusion For TubeMate 2020

ConclusionTubemate is a straightforward app and having easy to use interface. It is light & fast and a good combination of top level patches to download videos from various sources as I have already mentioned above.

Watching online videos consumes more data every time, but if you have downloaded videos in the local storage of your Android Device, then it can be viewed later. Also, we can share with anyone else that reduces wastage of Internet Data and makes our work faster. Please share your experience in the comment box given below after its use. How did you find Tubemate?