OnePlus Oxygen OS is changing, here’s how!

oneplus oxygen os

NEW DELHI: Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus organized a challenge called #PM Challenge. The company asked the fans to design new features for the OxygenOS as part of the challenge.

The company has now announced that the challenge is over and they also have a winner. The Chinese manufacturer revealed that they received 200 valid entries which enabled the company to consider more than 20 interface changes and enhancements.

The changes and improvements in the OxygenOS have been suggested by Léandro Tijink on the OnePlus forums.It is expected that the company might include the changes suggested by Tijink might in in the next version of Oxygen OS which will debut with OnePlus 7.

The changes suggested offer a cleaner design and approach to OxygenOS. Tijink wrote on OnePlus forum, “The new ‘experience’ will be suitable for everyone, of all ages. It will be more pleasant for younger people, and easier to understand for less-technical people.

It also brings new possibilities for more technical people, like easier theming, customization and conversationalist.”

The list of changes suggested by Tijink in the OxygenOS include front sizes, colour usage, corner-radii and others.

“This will make the experience for users more pleasant, as they don’t have to adjust themselves when you go to a new screen, everything will feel familiar.”

He also posted a gallery on the OnePlus 7 forum giving us the glimpse of the new changes. The changes suggested start with the welcome screen when a user switch on the smartphone.

One of the interesting change mentioned in the list is that all the apps on the OxygenOS should work in four distinct themes which include Colourful, Light, Dark and AMOLED.

He writes, “Every app has the same looks, but they all have their own accent colour when the system theme is set to colourful.

Then you set the theme to any of the other three, the accent colour that the user chose will be used in all apps.”The company said that they are working on the changes suggested by Tijink and it is expected that they could be introduced with OnePlus 7.

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